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  • Pool and Gymnasium

    Pool and Gymnasium

    On Clive Palmer’s Titanic II, the pool and gymnasium facilities offer passengers the opportunity to indulge in both relaxation and fitness while cruising the open seas. Modeled after the luxurious amenities of the original Titanic, these areas are designed to provide guests with a blend of modern comfort and Edwardian elegance. The onboard pool area,…

  • Clive Palmer’s Titanic ll gathers steam

    Clive Palmer’s Titanic ll gathers steam

    Clive Palmer’s recent speech at the Sydney Opera House in March 2024 unveiled his plans to rebuild the Titanic, an ambition that has seen several starts and stops since its first announcement in 2012. The project, dubbed Titanic II, aims to create a modern replica of the infamous cruise ship, blending historical accuracy in design…