First Class Experience


Step aboard Clive Palmer’s Titanic II and enter a realm of opulence and grandeur reminiscent of the Edwardian era. As a first-class passenger, you are greeted with the resplendent sight of ornate chandeliers casting a warm, inviting glow upon polished woodwork and sumptuous fabrics. Elegantly attired stewards attend to your every need with a graciousness befitting the highest echelons of society.

Begin your journey in the luxurious staterooms adorned with exquisite period furnishings, where every detail speaks of refinement and sophistication. From the finest linens to delicate china, no expense is spared in ensuring your comfort and pleasure. Relax in plush armchairs or retire to your private balcony, where you can savor the breathtaking views of the boundless ocean stretching before you.

Indulge your senses in the ship’s magnificent dining salons, where gourmet cuisine is served with impeccable flair. Delight in a symphony of flavors as expert chefs craft culinary masterpieces inspired by the finest Edwardian traditions. Whether enjoying a leisurely breakfast or an elegant soirée, each meal is a feast for both palate and soul.

After dining, immerse yourself in the refined ambiance of the ship’s elegant lounges and social spaces. Sip on perfectly crafted cocktails as you mingle with fellow passengers, exchanging witty banter and engaging in lively conversation. Or perhaps, retreat to the tranquil sanctuary of the onboard library, where leather-bound volumes beckon with tales of adventure and romance.

As night falls, experience the epitome of Edwardian glamour at the ship’s dazzling ballroom. Sweep across the polished dance floor in the arms of your partner, transported to a bygone era of grace and refinement. Or simply bask in the enchanting melodies of the live orchestra, reveling in the timeless elegance of the evening.

From dawn till dusk, the first-class passenger experience aboard Titanic II is nothing short of extraordinary—a seamless blend of Edwardian splendour and modern luxury, promising a voyage of unparalleled magnificence and unforgettable memories.

Titanic II Hero Video

Titanic II Hero Video