How can I register for updates about the Titanic II?

You can register for regular Titanic II updates via Subscribing to our News Letter on the website.

How can I apply for a job working on Titanic II?

There are currently no vacancies at Blue Star Line. Future employment opportunities will be advertised on this website.

When will tickets for Titanic II be made available?

Tickets are not yet available for purchase. Ticketing information including the date of the maiden voyage and ticket prices will, when released, be made available on this website.

What ports will Titanic II stop at during her schedule?

The ship will stop at the same ports as Titanic including Southampton and New York.

Will Titanic II have all three passenger classes like Titanic?

Yes. Titanic II will have the same class categories as the original Titanic. These being First Class, Second Class and Third Class.

Will Titanic be the same size as Titanic?

Titanic II will replicate the Titanic in length and be a few meters wider to provide additional stability.

Can passengers experience all the different class aboard Titanic II on the same voyage?

This option is under consideration.

Will the Titanic II have all the same restaurants and dining rooms as Titanic?

It is planned that all restaurants and dining rooms will be represented on Titanic II.